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NYE 2017


Susecon 17


Nucleus Central

Samsung Hilton Cloud9

NYE 2016

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Forte Tourism 2016

Alice in Hiltonland

Misys 2016


Česko-rakouské podnikatelské fórum

EMEA Hilton Conference 2016

Adapco 2016

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HP 2015



Client´s event of Hilton Prague and Hilton Prague Old Town 2015


NYE 2014

LG 2014


Client´s event of Hilton Prague and Hilton Prague Old Town 2014

Top of main lobby area in Hilton Prague is now illuminated with brand new ROBE ArcLines. Coloured ceiling could be seen from miles away and together with side Robin ParFects it creates a glamorous atmosphere any night of your event.


Y SOFT 2014

Conference in Prague 2014

NYE 2013

Press Conference of Rafael Nadal in Chez Louis Salon

Procter&Gamble Distributor Global Conference Cosmetic Division

IBM Airline Summit 2013

Bollywood 2013

Take advantage of our services to ensure that your exhibition is a success. We and our partners help you with the exe
We have installed new components on the ceiling of the Congress Hall
- New parts of a truss system with a total length of 100 m are suspended on electric and manual hoists under the ceiling. It gives us faster and more flexible operations in congress halls. - LED moving heads are suspended on the truss to illustrate the atmosphere of conferences. There are installed 6 pieces of ROBE 600 LEDWASH lights and 4 pi...
We have installed new sound system in the Congress Hall of the Hilton Hotel
- A new sound system L-Acoustics KIVA was installed into the congress hall number 2. There are two clusters, each consisting of 2 woofers KILO and a 6 segments KIVA. Bass frequencies are supported by two SB18 woofers hidden in the cladding of the hall. If necessary, we are ready to enhance bass performance up to 2 x 4 speakers SB18. - Congress h...

Opera Foil GB

Table mapping





Lenovo _ Kickoff 2012



NYE 2011

Hilton engineers world wide 2011
An event which demanded flexibility in terms of turning the setup around between a conference and a teambuilding event. Specific technologies : Kabuki for unveiling the F1 car, Heavy fog for unforgettable entry to Grand Ballroom and of course a very flexibla withdrawable Edgeblended screen 13x5m.
PWC 2011
Another very decently light up event for a corporate client´s night in Grand Ballroom and nearby Terrace.
Opera Foil
We have purchased a proffesional Opera foil in the dimensions 18 x 5m, Tests went well and it is now ready as a cheaper and more effective replacement of backwalls. Overall solution is cleaner, sheeker and unlimited by built in screens as you can project literally anywhere.
Largest continuous projection screen ever built (40x5.5 m )in Hilton Prague hotel, partially also warped! Shot by 4x CHR HD18K projectors next to eachother. Decorations have changed the layout in mid event. 2x Coolux engines enabled besides other utilities gesture control by Kinect. Full HD camera chain thanks to which large scale shots were pr...
Celebrity Extravaganza Party

Spectacular 30m x 6m warped projection with dynamic content and custom stage. Setup of the room has been turned 90°to the right, this allowed for more symetricity, use of bleachers and allowed the technical regie to be hidden in CH 3
Daiichi Sankyo - Congress Hall 2 2011

BAXTER- Grand Ballroom 2011

Hewlett Packard - 2011

BAIN - 2011

Danone - Congress hall 2011
A use of 3 projection screens on the main stage created a very dynamic, but still very sheek and simple stage. Middle screen has been edgeless and front projected, side screens have been hidden behind, creating an unusual format and bacprojected. Very simple, yet impressive
Danone - Grand Ballroom 2011

Roche -Grand Ballroom 2011

Roche-Karlin 1-3 2011

F&B 2011
A desire to completely turn around the look of the Grand Ballroom brought us into the idea of using custom white panels reaching all the way to the ceiling, however still self supportive. These have been illuminated by coloured lights and helped change the atmosphere in between the courses. The projection into the corners had to be around the corne...
IBM Forum 2011
New idea used: Decoration as backwall works as a projection surface in it's full size. One projector manages moving decorational graphics and Picture in Picture projection of a presentation. Coloured uplights ensure a light feel to the base of it. Projector rigged, clean setup.
NYE 2010
The most spectacular hotel New Years in Europe happened in Hilton Prague and we have been supplying and creating the concept. The stage instantly blended with the dance choreographies provided by YAD company and and provided perfect support with:Custom staging, 5X5 seamless plasma wall, LED courtains, Custom content which has perfectly supported t...
SITA Sales Kick Off 2011
A unique event with 3 projection screens, all in 16:9 format and backed up. Central screen 18k Christies in Full HD. Please note beatufil 3D cutout logos and custom built set with hidden LED uplight bars. By changing logos and Gobos we were able to transform the event from employee to customer events. Support in outside venues is allready a standar...
EuroPRevent 2010
EuroPRevent 2010 One of the first events which ran on our fixed projection screen with built in projectors. A big price saver for our clients
A great cooperation of AV MEDIA providing hardware with one very creative abroad company which has been providing all content. The projections became very dynamic and interesting to watch. Also AV MEDIA´s exhibition department has provided a custom built Siemens stand in the shape of an eight.
Global Forum on Incontinence
One of the first events in the Grand Ballroom which has been using the new hanging points. Thanks to these we were able to fly the front projector and also delay screens. This way we have achieved better visibility for the back rows. We have also managed to fit 7 ttranslation cabins onto the balcony!
Polaris Media Group 2010
Simple but effective way of using a back projection in GB, Trussing has been used as decoration
We have welcomed Hilton sales Managers from all around the world. One of the key moments has been Grand Ballroom transformation into a medieval village with a 3D tour of Prague and a perfect replica of a Charles Bridge
The most creative event of the year. PEPSCICO wanted to display their will to move forward ( Speed etc...) We have approached with custom decoration – recreated race tracks, formula 1 paddock, Arc d triumph etc, used vertical edgeblending, 103´´ plasmas, horizontal edgeblending, seamless plasma gate and alll had to fit with about 40 exhibition ...
Our creative team has put the Atrium to life. See more at:
NYE 2009
LED curtains, seamless wall, lights and custom built stage have been setting the pace this year
Kraft Foods

Traditional Charity bazaar has been traditionally supported again by AV MEDIA
Alliance Booth 2009
One of the biggest events of this year. Requirements of the client were simple: I want to achieve a relatively conservative setup which has to look great :-) At the same time we needed to serve 4 PPT language versions with simultaneous transaltion to these languages. White strips of fabric were illuminated with corporate colours and adde...
Carlsson Wagonlit Travel
The client wanted to recreate the atmosphere of a lounge area with open views to the city. The famous Cloud 9 bar on the roof of the hotel has been allready booked, therefore we chose to go in the direction of rebuilding a standard meeting room. Nobody from the hotel remembers such a transformation which has been done during the afternoon. A combin...
Papal Visit 2009
Full AV support for a press center for journalists from 18 countries, distribution of TV signal to each žurnalist workstation, creating information channels for journalists departures. Main hall equiped with AV technologies. Distribution of audio to the headphones of each journalist by a wireless BOSCH NEW GENERATION technology. This has prevente...
Quintiles, Grand Ballroom, 2009
Another very nice and decently light up event. Light grey backwall light up by LED PARs created a very nice and cozy feeling in the Grand Ballroom. Backprojection enabled the speaker to walk freely in front of the green.
Menarini, Congress Hall I-III, 2009
Recreating Oscars feeling including red carpet,Intelligent lights at the entrance ( recreating the effect of a space cannon) and branding the side walls with tricolour Gobos
ABBOTT, Congress Hall 2, 2009
Our long term klient has come with a very interesting backdrop design. As you can see we are capable of producing even custom cutouts which are standing out of the backwall. LEDs enhanced the lightness. Two strong 10000ANSI DLP projectors were accompanied by a hidden banner which has been revealed at the end of the conference. A relatively complica...
BIDvest, Congress Hall I- III, 2006
The client wanted to have a spacious feeling for his GALA DINNER inside the Congress Hall. Since the Hall has got no windows, AV MEDIA has recreated „ windows which corresponded with the program of the evening. Special renderings and 360°views of Prague have been custom rendered. When a violin player has performed, the screens changed into flowi...
F1 Brunch
Hilton visitors had a chance to try a F1 simulator ride, and enjoy live interviews with the F1 paddock through teleconference. Among other technologies seamless plasma screens or LED lights were used.
Magical Night
AV MEDIA and Hilton Prague have coorganised an unforgettable evening for our common clients. 2x Fog screen for magical entrances Gesturetek – interactive floor Edgeblending – 2x Christie 18k (20x5m) Edgeblending (heightwise) 2x Panasonic 10 000 HETEC V- Match – enables to connect or separate a picture with calculated gaps in between ...
Patron Spirits
For the beverage producer Patron Spirits we have cooperated with Hilton Outside Catering department in the beautifull venue of Troja castle. The most significant technologies used were LED uplighters, Studio Due City color outside architectural lights, MAC 2000 moving heads with gobos, sound system for speeches and string trio. We also delivered tw...
YRI - Global Brand Forum
AV MEDIA has contributed to the succesfull realisation of the annual conference of Yum Restaurants International (KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell). We have delivered all technologies for both the main meeting room, and the workshop rooms. This included projections with up to 10000 ANSI lumen 3 chip DLP machines, atypically shaped LED screen which created...
SPSS Directions European Conferenc, Congress Hall 2, 2009
Two projections 4x3m with 3 chip DLP projectors Panasonic 7700, both projections had backup machines. Prompting device AutoCue with two mirrors. Sound system Meyer Sound, speakers CQ-2, UP-Junior, subbass speakers 700-HP. Digital mixing console Yamaha LS9. Decorations, custom printed banners fixed into a truss construction with additional LED PAR...
Medical symposium – practical medicine Two screens with presentations in different languages, simultaneous control with d’San Perfect Cue IMAG screen with the image of the speaker from live camera Bosch DCN NG translation system for 400 participants
Routes Europe, Congress Hall 1-3, 2009
Annual conference of flight infrastructure providers such as airports, flight control etc. Approx. 30 exhibition booth from modular Syma-system.
European Patent Forum and PATINNOVA, Grand Ballroom, 2009
European Patent Forum Meeting under the Czech Presidency for the EU, attended also by the Czech prime minister Mirek Topolánek. Large projection 9x3,5m in a truss frame, decorations lit with LED PAR lights. Lights control desk Grand MA light, Vista Spyder edgeblending Projectors Barco SML 12+ 3x proffesional camera chain with professional cam...
Microsoft TechNet, Congress hall 2, 2009
IT specialists‘ meeting Edgeblended projection with two Panasonic 10 000 ANSI 3 chip DLP projectors, using two AnalogWay DiventiX seamless switchers controlled by the AnalogWay Axion console.
Hilton Outside Catering, 2008 Eco-technical Museum in Prague
AV MEDIA has succesfully cooperated with Hilton Prague Outside Catering team to turn the rather cold space of the Prague Eco-technical Museum into a pleasant venue for a Chrismas party for the employees of an Austrian IT company.
Sungard, Congress Hall 1-3, 2008
For the conference of the software company Sungard a triple projection using central edgeblended image was used. For supplementary screens we have proposed custom made branded decoration pillars, which have incorporated the screens. A short highlight of the technology brands used: Panasonic 3 DLP and 1 DLP projectors, Graphic processing by Analo...
Cramer, Grand Ballroom, 2006
Double projection with custom-built backwall with special lighting.
Telefonica, Grand Ballroom, 2006
Double projection with pipe&drape backdrop.
IBM, Congress Hall 2, 2006
A rather traditional setup using pre-rigged lightpark on the built-in stage of Congress Hall.
QAD, Congress Hall 2-3, 2006
Edgeblending projection
Accenture, Congress Hall 1-3, 2007
Edgeblending projection
Novartis, Congress Hall 2, 2007
Grey does not necessarily have to look grey.
Toyota. Congress Hall 1-3, 2007
This is not the garage floor, this is really the Congress Hall. An indoor drive-in cinema was created for the launch of the new model of the well-known car manufacturer. Sound transmition to the audience seated in the cars was provided with a dedicated low power FM radio transmitter.
Vanco, Congress Hall 1-3, 2007
How to create the impression of space? Use a big window - in case there is none available, larege projection using the edgeblending technology works perfectly. Maybe even better...
White&Case, Congress Hall 1-3, 2007
Nice effect can be achieved not only with technical equipment, but also with carefully chosen decoration such as wall draping which was used for this event.
Columbia, Congress Hall 2, 2007
An annual "fashion show" of outdoor clothing of the well-known Columbia brand. A custom built projection backdrop with decoration together with 3 projection screens showed presentations as well as life feed from cameras (including a close-up camera with wireless video transmition).
Point S, Grand Ballroom, 2008
For this event special decoration - a chemical laboratory, together with high-tech projection and lighting equipment, was used to create an outstanding impression on the audience.
SAN conference 2008
SAN conference - main meeting room in Congress hall 1-3
Example of carpeted floor

4th Golbal Epilepsy Summit 2006

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